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At no additional cost all International Students will also receive 10 FREE hours of a “Life In America” class.
This will ne a conversational class covering the topics of American History & Government.
Class will be conducted 2 hours before class on the first week, from 4pm to 6pm Monday through Friday.
No testing will be given for this class.

Class Schedule

Mon – Tue: Synopsis of US History
Wed – Thu: The Governments in the USA
Fri: Overview of US Geography.


Transportation from the Tampa airport to the apartment complex and back to Tampa airport at the end of the program.
Transportation from the apartment to class and back home after class.
Transportation once a week to Walmart for 2 hours and back home to the apartment complex.
Total transportation cost is $250.


Class full price: $550.00.
Housing cost per person: $1,500.00.
Transportation: $250.00.
Total cost per person: $2,300.00.