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Welcome to International GED Program

The GED Testing Program is used to endorse high school-level knowledge and skills, and allows grown-ups to prove what they know. The test provides an undeviating measure of high school accomplishment, and is nationwide documented as a degree of high school knowledge and skills.

Passing the GED exam will earn you a state high school diploma and recognition that you have a high school level of education. If you’re eager to get a better job or higher degree, the GED is recognized and acknowledged by approximately all U.S. colleges, companies, and universities. Passing the GED exam can give you better prospects for work in the future.

You Can Go To College be a role model and Earn Your GED

If you are planning to take the GED Tests, you are not alone. About 800,000 adults worldwide take these Tests annually. As a service to the local high school dropout students, we would get you ready for college with a GED diploma in 30 days.

Guaranteed Results

We virtually guarantee your success! Anyone who takes the class and meets our requirements will pass the test. If, for some reason, you do not pass, you can repeat the class for free.

For our international students, this means your tuition and transportation costs are covered. For domestic students, your tuition will be covered.

Meet the Director

Felix Lake Sr started a GED program in St. Maarten, Dutch Caribbean in 1978 resulting in over 50 graduates and assisted 20 students with getting into Miami Dade College. In 1990 he started another GED program in St. Maarten with 20 students. Presently, he is endeavoring on starting this 30-day GED Testing Program for both local and international students. Learn more…